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With My Part Shelf, Your Part Search Ends Here!



  • FREE "Cloud" Based Inventory Program ! (this means to use this system as an online/cloud based Inventory system is absolutely FREE  !!! )
  • By Virtue of using it automatically exposes your Inventory to the World !
  • There are only 3 different ways that will cost you.
  • - If you sell a part that was found through we take 5% of the list value and deduct that amount from your credits. This is for companies listing fewer than 500 different part numbers.
  • - If you choose to help us out by donating/subscribing to 
  • - If you List MORE THAN 500 items, it is required that you subscribe at a min of 5 credits a month. Listing more than 1000 items 10 credits and 1500 or more, 15 credits 
  • The system is credit based and you must carry a positive credit.

  • Your regular Day to Day business, over the counter sells etc. do not effect your credits !
  • Only takes credits from transactions that originate online and both parties agree to the transaction