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How to Search

Give it a try, enter the search term pump in the search box above and click "Search For Parts". You may also search by part number, if you have one, by simply entering it in the box. If you are looking for something literal such as "pump motor", simply enclose it in double quotations like this "pump motor". If you want it to be a Whirlpool pump motor, your search should look like this: Whirlpool "pump motor" or Whirlpool pump motor.

Account Types

  • Basic - You can browse, connect with sellers, and buy items.
  • Regular w/ Listing- You can do everything you can with the basic account. Along with that, you may also list and sell a limited amount of items. Must carry a positive credit balance. Also if you list MORE THAN 1425 different parts it is required to subscribe at a min of 15 credits per month.
  • Wholesale - You can do everything with a wholesale account that the other two can do, but there is an additional column, for you to list wholesale price of the part. This turns your account into a very easy to use inventory system. The wholesale pricing is only viewable by the personnel that has the accounts, email and password. Must carry a positive credit balance. Also if you list MORE THAN 1425 different parts it is required to subscribe at a min of 15 credits per month.

Do I have to register?

Yes, all participants of must register. It is quick and easy. WE DO NOT SEND JUNK MAIL!

Is there a monthly fee? is absolutely free to be a registered member of and or use. There are only three situations where you are required to pay something. One is if you participate in a "on-line advertising program" and the second is if you actually sell one of your listed Items as a "regular with listings" user or a Wholesale user and you are only listing 500 items or less. The third situation is when you list more than 500 items. 500 to 1000 cost 5 credits a month, 1000 to 1500 = 10 credits, and More than 1500 is 15 credits a month. To list and manage your own List of parts/Data is absolutely free !

Are there pictures of the Items listed on

No, this strictly a text based system, originally designed for professional businesses. It is assumed that you know the part number and/or description of what you need.

How does collect the money for the online advertising and/or the selling of a listed product?

The system is based on credits. $1.00 is equal to 1 credit. When you first sign up, it is asked that you buy a minimum of $100 in credits. This amount will be applied to your credit level. As you use the system (sell items) a 5% commission is deducted based on the price of the item you have sold. This will continue until your positive balance goes negative at which time you will be asked to purchase more credits. It is required to maintain a positive credit balance. All first time credit purchases are NON-Refundable.

How do I buy credits?

Create an account and use the "Add Credits" link or,
You sent a check to:

RBJ & Assoc. LLC
30137 County Road 5
Warroad, MN 56763

After the check is received your credits will be added to the system. You can do this all automatically using Paypal after logging into the system.

I already have my inventory on the computer. Does accept all file types?

No, the file must be a CSV (comma separated value) file and in the correct order: "part Name","Part number","manufacture","description","quantity","list price","salvage price", "wholesale price". This way, it is possible to upload your entire inventory in seconds. also offers a conversion service for a small fee.

Does the inventory system give me totals?

Yes, the inventory system gives you totals of all categories. You have a running total of your entire inventory at all times.

Can anybody on the web see the wholesale pricing?

No, only those people that have the accounts email and password. All first time registers are defaulted to "regular status" until they have gone through the process of achieving wholesale status. This feature is ONLY for in-house use (inventory control).

Is there a phone number that I can call for questions?

Yes, call 218-242-1783 and our friendly staff will answer any of your questions. If you get the answering machine, just leave a message and we will return your call.

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